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Isuzu is Giving Customers a Six-Month Loan Moratorium

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Isuzu is Giving Customers a Six-Month Loan Moratorium

Isuzu Malaysia is offering a moratorium for financing payments on new vehicles purchased from 1st June 2020 till 31st August 2020.

The Isuzu Deferred Instalment Campaign, which is the first programme of its kind in the pick-up segment, aims to let customers fortify their earnings by putting their brand new Isuzu D-Max pick-up trucks to work during the deferment period of either three or six months before needing to worry about loan repayments.

According to Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Malaysia, Light Commercial Vehicle Division Masayuki Suzuki, the objective of the moratorium is to help Malaysians move forward during this recovery period with the services of an efficient and versatile new Isuzu D-Max.

“A capable, dependable and frugal vehicle is a valuable asset today and a good pick-up truck makes economic sense be it for individuals or organizations. By providing this moratorium, Isuzu hopes that customers will be able to speedily attain their new normal,” said Mr Suzuki.

The campaign, in collaboration with Public Bank Berhad, covers almost every model in the Isuzu D-Max range, offering up to 90% financing margin for a maximum tenure of 84 months.

Was there more than met the eye, was this initiative too good to be true? 

We took the opportunity to find out a little more about this campaign from Isuzu.

Q: Is the deferment interest-free? Does it simply mean that potential customers will just have to add on three to six months at the end of their financing tenure?

A: The potential customer merely extends the repayment period by a further 3 or 6 months. No change to the interest charged.

Q: Does Isuzu expect to see a significant interest in this programme from potential buyers?

A: We are expecting strong interest from individual buyers and SME operators.

Q: Was this initiative driven simply by the notion to help Malaysians during this period or was there some market insight that propelled Isuzu to create this initiative? 

A: It was mooted primarily as a means to get individuals and SME businesses moving using the dependable and efficiency of the D-Max to get them back on their feet. Many individuals are also now embarking on new ventures such as home-based food businesses, personal shopping, and also third-party goods deliveries so, with this, Isuzu also hopes to encourage more people to switch to a pick-up truck that will get the job done more effectively.

The minimum loan amount to qualify for this campaign is RM20,000.00. Potential customers will be able to select the most suitable Isuzu D-Max model to meet their individual requirements and budgets from the widest selection of pick-up truck variants available in Malaysia today.

The new range of Isuzu D-Max now comes with the advanced 1.9-litre Blue Power engine, the smallest engine capacity in the market thereby enjoying the cheapest road tax in its segment. Through breakthroughs in technology, the new engine provides even greater performance and fuel efficiency than the 2.5-litre model it replaces.






















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