Porsche Embraces Electrification - 60% Of Panameras Delivered In Europe Are Hybrids

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Porsche Embraces Electrification - 60% Of Panameras Delivered In Europe Are Hybrids

While there's yet to be a roadgoing hybrid 911, Porsche has stepped into electrification seamlessly with both their Panamera and Cayenne model lines, adopting hybrid systems with little fuss. More important than that is market reception: in Europe, 60% of Porsche Panameras sold are hybrid models, with fluctuations between various countries. Belgium in particular has high hybrid uptake rates, with 90% of their Panameras being hybrid, while Austria follows at 80%, and France comes in with 70%. 

Of course, these figures are to be taken with a pinch of salt - after all, how many Panameras does Porsche actually move compared to more regular mass market cars, and as we see in markets (like our own) Porsche doesn't always offer the full model lineup to customers. Hybrids could be the more appealing option in certain markets simply because customers don't have a choice. This is also important in Europe where taxation is based on emissions. 

That being said, the hybrid models and, more recently, plug-in hybrid models are very appealing for their electric drive range. With the plug-in hybrid system, the Panamera is capable of travelling up to 50 kilometres on pure electric, and in the form of the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid this efficiency is matched by sheer performance. It's a nice balance that lets you save the environment without compromising on those moments when you want a bit of raw power.

Porsche doesn't believe that hybrids and electrification are just a fad either. They've recently announced a 1 billion Euro investment for their Mission E project, around 700 million of which will go into a new production facility that includes a paint shop, as well as expansion of the engine production and body construction facilities to accomodate the new electric drives and body shells respectively. Roughly 1,200 new jobs will be created in preparation for the Mission E. 

Better news for Porsche plug-in hybrid owners is that Porsche is developing their own in-house fast charging system known as Porsche Turbo. Yes, the name is confusing - perhaps no more confusing than the Tesla Supercharger - but the specs are in true Porsche fashion: 800 Volts, with a charging rate of up to 320 kW. The system is designed to make charging quicker and easier, even with current electrical network infrastructures. 




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