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Rovelo’s full line-up of performance tyres - there’s something for everyone

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Rovelo’s full line-up of performance tyres - there’s something for everyone

As much as we would like to forget about them, tyres are one of those components on your car that you can't ignore. They're essential to a car's driving experience and safety, making them, in our opinion, the four most important things on your car.

When it comes to tyres, many motorists face the conundrum of which tyres to choose. One of the reasons for this is that there are a plethora of options from different manufacturers, all touting similar or identical attributes. 

This makes it tricky to answer the question of whether you've fitted your car with the good and right stuff. In addition, they are costly to replace, so it's best you get a set of tyres that is fit for purpose rather than just buying them for their flashy looks or name - because who likes to overspend, right?

Industrialization and technology have allowed more tyre manufacturers to crop up worldwide. Due to this, we are no longer bound to traditional manufacturers with their traditional ways, as relatively 'newer' players have come up with modern techniques to make great and affordable tyres.

One of these new tyre manufacturers that are making waves in the tyre scene is Rovelo, a tyre manufacturer with a global footprint. What was once a small local enterprise is now an international operation that supplies tyres globally with a network spanning North America, Europe and Asia. 

Rovelo has cemented its place among its users as a brand that provides the market with a wide range of high-quality, economical tyres at competitive prices. With most of us tightening our belts these days, it's good to know a tyre manufacturer such as Revola is around.

They have an excellent range of tyres to suit your needs, so read on if you want to know which one might be the right one for you.

RHP-A68 - Comfort-biased high-performance tyres for small cars

Rovelo RHP-A68

The RHP A68 is a comfort-biased high-performance tyre with great durability. It's practically made for those who spend a lot of time in their car. Although it is comfort-based, its asymmetrical tread pattern still provides excellent cornering stability while maintaining superior wet traction. 

Durability is also one of the tyre's strong points, as its reinforced shoulder ribs have been engineered for high-speed cornering while extending tread life. Braking performance is also enhanced through its tread sipes(small slits in the tyre's tread block) which improve braking in all weather conditions.

  • Available sizes: 12" - 16" 

RHP-780P - High-performance tyres for small cars

Rovelo RHP 780

The RHP-780P is Rovelo's take on a high-performance tyre with good grip on dry and wet roads. This is a tyre for those who like to go on spirited drives occasionally but, at the same time, would appreciate some comfort when things are mellow. 

The centre rib and enhanced tread block design increases grip and stability for greater manoeuvrability and the specialized bead design ensures safety as it provides a close seal between the inflated tyre and rim.

The tyre also has four channel grooves, which maximizes hydroplaning resistance to ensure greater safety on wet roads.

  • Available sizes: 15"-16"

RPX988 - Touring high performance tyres for executive cars

Rovelo RPX988 Malaysia

The RPX-988 features wide shoulder tread blocks with high-angle sipes for high-speed cornering performance. Its advanced tread rubber compound also delivers exceptional handling while maintaining superior wet traction.

Comfort-wise, the tyre has been designed to reduce vibrations for improved driving comfort. Safety is also one of its key strengths, as its enhanced rubber compound drastically improves braking in all weather conditions.

  • Available sizes: 15" - 20"

Sport A1 - Ultra high-performance tyres for executive cars

Rovelo Sport A1

The Sport A1 tyre is specifically suited for high-performance and executive vehicles. It is engineered to deliver precise wet and dry handling characteristics while simultaneously being comfortable and quiet.

Its asymmetrical tread pattern provides excellent cornering stability, perfect when the going gets fast, and its groove design efficiently drains water for safer driving on wet roads. Its wave-like shoulder groove design also helps reduce noise emissions which will come in handy on long journeys.

  • Available sizes: 15" - 20"

In a nutshell, Rovelo tyres are designed to suit Malaysia's climate, road conditions and applications to suit you and me. As a bonus, Rovelo tyres are also budget-friendly on your wallet. 

You can find out more info about the Rovelo tyre to suit your needs through Rovelo Malaysia's FB page here or website: 

Now if you've made the decision to purchase some Rovelo tyres, go ahead and contact STC Tyre Mart at: 603-5569 3094/ 5569 3397 or:

Glenmarie Tyre Mart: Hwa   

Cheras Tyre Mart: James

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