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Subaru Announced Price Protection Scheme For Impending Sales And Service Tax

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Subaru Announced Price Protection Scheme For Impending Sales And Service Tax

With the recent announcement from Mahathir regarding the roll-back on GST and re-inclusion of Sales and Service Tax (SST), we can naturally expect car prices to go back up to their pre-GST levels. Politics aside, the introduction of GST brought a number of car prices down and owners who put money down on a car at that price may not have done so if it was slightly more expensive. 

As a result, TC Subaru has announced a Price Protection Scheme which provides assurance to customers against price movements on Subaru vehicle bookings, up to the 100th day of the new government installation (18th August, 2018). Unregistered and new bookings of Subaru vehicles are to be stabilized in price in the event of any upward movement in price due to the new taxation before registration, and should the price drop as a result of SST implementation, TC Subaru will compensate customers with service vouches with a limit of RM 3,000. 

In short, if you've booked a car and put full money down upon receiving it after the price rises, you are not expected to pay the difference. If the price happens to drop and you have already put money down over the next 100 days, you will get a service voucher up to RM 3,000 to cover the discrepancy in value. And if you haven't paid the full amount after booking a vehicle but the price drops, you will only need to pay the new value after SST. 

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