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Taylor's Racing Team Qualifies for FSAE for Second Year Running

Aswan September 26, 2016 14:42

When you talk about top tier race drivers, training begins from as early as they can get into a go kart and head out onto a track. But when does training for a race engineer start? In many cases there are dedicated race engineering or automotive engineering courses that teach students how to function professionally, but it is also practical hands on experience that plays a large part in shaping these engineers. The best way to get a broader range of students interested in racing and motorsports is to offer a program within the school. The Taylor's Racing Team is one such program, with a rotating crew of students as each batch of seniors graduate and the juniors take the helm, operating since 2010 and growing from just 8 engineers to an eclectic mix of engineers, marketing students, and business students. 

The greatest achievement for the team last year was to qualify and compete in the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (FSAE-A), where they clinched 3rd in the business presentation category and 25th in the race category out of a total of 35 teams. It's a solid performance for the team's first overseas attempt, and gave them a worldwide ranking of 322 out of 528 teams. This year, the Taylor’s Racing Team will be racing with the improved ‘Epifany’ in EIMA Race and the brand new challenger, the ‘TR16’ with a Yamaha R6 engine, at the Formula SAE-A in Melbourne. Changes over the previous car include improved aerodynamics, revised spring rates, an optimized air plenum, and much more focus on data logging equipment to create measurable performance. 

Commenting on this year’s team, chief engineer and lead driver Farah Danial, said, “2016 is an exciting year for the Taylor’s Racing Team. For the first time, we have increased our team to 29 members. The team consists not only of engineering students, but also involves students from Taylor’s Business School, School of Computing & IT as well as the School of Communication. We also manage everything from car design, equipment sourcing, materials and components, scheduling, budgeting, sponsorship to manufacturing and car testing.” Farah is the only female driver in the 2016 Formula SAE-A racing team.


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