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The new radically designed Toyota Prius is powerful and a stunner

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The new radically designed Toyota Prius is powerful and a stunner

The car that practically popularised hybrid technology, the Toyota Prius has undergone a complete overhaul. It has thoroughly been refined with styling and driving performance turning it into a whole new car.

According to Toyota, The Prius has evolved under the "Hybrid Reborn" concept into an exhilarating package with a stylish design. They hope that the new Prius will make people fall in love with it at first sight and continue to love it once they get behind the wheel.

2023 Toyota Prius

With an aim to remain popular for the next two decades,  the development team decided to start from scratch so that it could be an exhilarating package.

The new Prius with Series Parallel Hybrid (HEV) models will be launched this year, and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) models will be launched in mid-2023.

Exterior - sportier than ever

2023 Toyota Prius shark front end

Inheriting the signature monoform silhouette of the original Prius, the just unveiled 2023 Prius has evolved into a car that has better proportions through a low centre of gravity and large 19-inch wheels.

2023 Toyota Prius

The front "hammerhead shark-like" design achieves a balance of functionality and styling, while the rear design offers rear combination taillights that are modern, extending horizontally to the left and right.

Interior - sporty sophistication

2023 Toyota Prius interior

Toyota's "island architecture" concept ables the car to be more spacious than ever, with a cockpit that makes it easy to concentrate on driving. 

The interior comes with black tones throughout with instrument panel and seat stitching finishes. The interior achieves a balance between sportiness and modern sophistication.

2023 Toyota Prius

The instrument panel uses Toyota's first illuminated warning system. In addition to providing an ambient light that highlights the interior, this new Toyota Safety Sense-linked feature alerts the driver to detected objects through flashing lights before the audible warnings to create a more reassuring driving experience.

Powertrain - Next-gen hybrid system

2023 Toyota Prius powertrain

The new Prius comes with Toyota's first 2.0-liter Plug-in Hybrid System(PHEV) which Toyota claims to deliver acceleration and quietness that are dramatically improved from the previous model. 

The combination of a high-efficiency Dynamic Force Engine and lithium-ion batteries for high output drive achieve maximum system output of as much as 223 PS while maintaining the same level of fuel efficiency as the outgoing model. 

According to Toyota, the powerful acceleration of the PHEV, can get the car to complete the 0-100 km/h run in 6.7 seconds.

EV driving range is about 50% higher than the previous model, which means the new Prius can operate on EV mode alone for most daily drives.

For the 2.0-liter / 1.8-liter Series Parallel Hybrid System, maximum system output is 193 PS for the 2.0-liter version, which is "1.6" times higher than the previous model. This version comes with Toyota's famed E-Four system, which offers improved uphill performance on low-friction road surfaces, and greater stability when during those spirited drives.

New modern feature + solar charging

2023 Toyota Prius external charging

The new Prius is equipped with two 100 VAC / 1,500 W accessory power outlets; one at the back of the center console and one in the cargo space. 

Users can select the BEV external power supply mode, which uses power from the battery without having to start the engine, or the HEV external power supply mode, which recharges the battery from the engine if the remaining power is too low. 

It also comes with an external electric power supply attachment as standard so that an external power supply is possible with the door windows closed to prevent rain and insects from getting in the car when in use.

2023 Toyota Prius solar charging

The PHEV models are equipped with a second-generation solar charging system that achieves a more efficient conversion of solar energy into electricity. 

This generates power equivalent to driving up to 1,250 km per year. Electric generated while parked is used to charge the drive battery, with the system not only supplying electricity for driving but for air conditioning and other functions as well. 

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