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The new Toyota MY App transforms the digital journey for Toyota owners

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The new Toyota MY App transforms the digital journey for Toyota owners

We expect the cars we drive today to integrate themselves more deeply into the digital lives we lead, delivering the same convenience plusses and curated user experience that we’ve come to expect from a connected world.

It’s very apt, then, that the new Toyota MY app seamlessly combines the functionalities of the previous Toyota Drive and Toyota 24Seven apps, while going well beyond the capabilities and feature set of its forebears.

This intuitive mobile app, born of Toyota’s pursuit of enhancing its mobility solutions, is set to significantly elevate the customer experience by providing a comprehensive suite of features that simplify vehicle management and add a layer of connected ease to ownership.

Datuk Ravindran K., President of UMW Toyota, highlighted the philosophy behind the app, stating, "Toyota adheres to the principle of 'kaizen,' signifying continuous improvement. This principle extends not only to vehicle design and manufacturing but also to our customer interactions.”

The Toyota MY app effortlessly merges the capabilities of the earlier Toyota apps into a single, easy-to-navigate interface. It empowers Toyota owners to conveniently access crucial vehicle information at a moment’s notice such as telemetrics, scheduling service appointments, checking their Loyal-T membership points, requesting 24Seven roadside assistance, locate nearby Toyota outlets, and much more.

This app streamlines vehicle management across various mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets, enhancing the overall ownership experience for Toyota drivers. It supports them in maintaining their vehicles at peak performance levels and reflects Toyota's dedication to providing a hassle-free and efficient ownership experience.

Additionally, the Toyota MY app now serves as a central hub for the latest Toyota news and promotions, making it UMW Toyota’s primary digital platform for communicating directly with its customers.  

Datuk Ravindran K. Also added, "By simplifying vehicle management, the Toyota MY app allows us to offer a more efficient ownership experience and enables owners to fully enjoy their cars, aligning perfectly with our commitment to customer satisfaction,”

“This app represents a significant leap into the future of service delivery to our valued customers, and we are excited to explore its potential for new innovations and enhancements.”

Transitioning over to the Toyota MY app is extremely easy for existing users of the Toyota Drive app, with them simply needing to update the app within their respective smart device app marketplaces to get started.

With the Toyota MY app installed, existing users can then log in using their registered email address after a quick and straightforward setup process.

However, getting started from scratch is also simple for new Toyota customers, who are also encouraged to register their details at their preferred Toyota outlet upon vehicle purchase to facilitate account creation.

Experience the future of Toyota ownership by downloading the Toyota MY app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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