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Toyota Prologue Concept is 2nd stab at C-HR formula

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Toyota Prologue Concept is 2nd stab at C-HR formula

The upcoming Toyota C-HR will still be a rebel with extra sophistication and come with a face that you'll remember.

When the Toyota C-HR was first introduced in 2016, it was one of the first Toyota models to use the all-modern TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform.

Not only was it built on one of Toyota's most modern platforms, but the C-HR's design was completely unusual in a good way, which separated it from all other crossovers that was on the market at the time. 

Toyota C-HR Prologue

For the new generation C-HR model, Toyota is sticking with a similiar approach and we can tell it's going to be one funky crossover if the C-HR Prologue concept model is anything to go by.

At a glance, the C-HR Prologue brings a three-tone colour finish, followed by front fascia design elements inspired by the Crown and Prius models. The gold roof and lower diffuser does give the crossover a bit of pop, and we hope they will implement the colourway in the production car, not leaving it in the concept stages.

Toyota Prologue C-HR

According to Toyota, the C-HR Prologue offers a shorter overhang, but it will not compromise the interior space. This suggests the new C-HR's wheelbase dimensions are slightly longer than the current model.

There's some neat little design features on the car, like embedded door handles and side cameras as wing mirros, but dissapointgly it may be replaced with traditional door handles and physical side mirrors for the production version.

2023 Toyota C-HR

Toyota have yet to disclose detailed information such as the powertrain and the launch date of this SUV, but they did say that the Toyota C-HR prologue will demonstrate Toyota’s commitment to carbon neutrality, bringing a more comprehensive range of electrification models.

The new Plug-in Toyota C-HR will come with European assembled batteries, in addition to the hybrid version, which will further strengthen Toyota’s multi-technology line-up.

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