Pickup Trucks - the perfect vehicle to randomly escape KL city! Featuring the JMC Vigus Pro


In this somewhat impromptu video, we just got a little sick of the hectic pace of Kuala Lumpur. Seeking a quick escape, we found ourselves in the JMC Vigus Pro, one of many pickup trucks on the market that deliver a rather car-like experience despite its rugasdasdged underpinnings and capabilities. SUVs are usually billed as the do-everything car for most people, but these days are much too urban-centric and are barely fit to explore much beyond of a well kept field or a gravelly road without being out of its depth. Have pickup trucks taken up that role as the go-anywhere option for most people? It's got the ground clearance and the four-wheel drive, so we tasked our JMC to take us to a rather secluded location off the beaten track.


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