2016 Mitsubishi’s ASX Compact Crossover Updated With New Looks

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2016 Mitsubishi’s ASX Compact Crossover Updated With New Looks

Mistubishi Motors North America (MMNA) has taken the wraps off the their 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, better known under the ASX name over on our shores - it’s easier to spell, for starters. The update comes with new exterior design elements paired with interior enhancements. 

First of all, the most immediate difference to come from the new crossover is the revised front end that features Mitsubishi’s “Dynamic Shield” design. Apart from that, the 2016 model year comes with a fresh set of 18-inch wheels, LED turn signals, and more pronounced wheel arches. 

Moving on inside, there’s a new 6.1-inch infotainment display as well as higher quality seat fabrics with a new light grey interior option. There’s no mention of the inclusion of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay support that made its way into cheaper 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage that was announced at the same time, nor the EcoPunch-equipped stereo. 

Apart from that, really, there isn’t much else that’s new on offer about this facelifted version of the ASX (or Outlander Sport). It’s still a solid entrant in the competitive compact crossover market. 

Assuming the engine choices remain static, the 2.0-litre four cylinder from the current ASX is expected to make a return with 150PS and 197Nm of torque.

"The Outlander Sport is a brand leader for Mitsubishi Motors, and we are excited to unveil this eye-catching 2016 model-year," said MMNA executive vice president, Don Swearingen. "The Outlander Sport has always been a fun vehicle that delivers on its promise of reliability and value, and the 2016 model year continues to do so with a great new family look that unifies the Mitsubishi CUV lineup.”

We’ll have more on this car once we get wind of exactly when Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia will be bringing it for sale here. 

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