2017 Honda CR-V Diesel Not For Indonesia

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2017 Honda CR-V Diesel Not For Indonesia

Having just introduced the diesel-powered variant of the 2017 CR-V in Thailand, Honda announced that the same cannot be said for the Indonesian market.

Many reasons were given to as why Honda Indonesia won't be introducing a diesel-powered model there. Amongst the reason given was that good quality diesel is hard to come by in Indonesia. On top of that, there is the question of whether Honda owners can cope with the special requirements of the diesel engine, which must use specific diesel type.

Jonfis Fandy, Marketing & After Sales Service Director at Honda Prospekt Motor (HPM) told our sister site otospirit.com that diesel does not offer any benefits to the end consumer as it is more expensive to maintain a diesel powered vehicle in Indonesia. 

However, he won't rule out the possibility of introducing diesel-powered models there, as he said HPM will continue to study to study the market there.

Back home, Honda Malaysia is considering to introduce diesel-powered models, though the possibility of that actually happening is extremely slim. They are however, planning to reintroduce the petrol-electric hybrid Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive (i-DCD) Sport System

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