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2022 Haval H6 PHEV Spotted Undisguised In Shah Alam - Ready To Launch?

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2022 Haval H6 PHEV Spotted Undisguised In Shah Alam - Ready To Launch?

The 3rd-generation Haval H6 is possibly the biggest disruptive new SUV to hit Malaysian showrooms, or at least it will be once it actually launches, and that could be sooner than initially anticipated with 2 units seen at in Shah Alam completely undisguised.

Distributors GoAuto, who are be working closely with Great Wall Motors to establish the brand’s local presence, have confirmed to that these units are scheduled to undergo localisation and endurance testing on our roads.

2023 Haval H6 - PHEV - GoAuto

Though that could mean that a full debut is some time away, this might only apply to the hotly anticipated PHEV variant that was only recently been revealed in Thailand, which is attached to an 8-year or 180,000km warranty. Photos and footage of the more standard H6 have been circulating among Malaysian social media users for months, so it’s possible that the SUV will kick off with a partial range.

Haval H6 PHEV in Malaysia - Game-changer?

Once the testing has been concluded, the PHEV could then be given a proper launch, completing the H6 family.

2023 Haval H6 - HEV - GWM Kuala Lumpur

Specifically, the Malaysian offering schedule should be roughly comparable to that of Thailands where all H6 units are sold as a series (non-plug-in) hybrid that pairs a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine and electric motor for maximum power and torque figures of 243PS and 530Nm.

The H6 in PHEV form is even more impressive. Not only does it feature slightly updated styling over the HEV and the added flexibility of being able to charge and drive independent of its combustion engine, but its lithium-ion battery is also capable of a claimed electric-only range of 201km.

2023 Haval H6 - PHEV - GoAuto

That’s more endurance than some dedicated EVs on sale today such as the Mazda MX-30 and MINI Cooper SE and many times more than that of other PHEVs. It’s also more powerful than the HEV variant with the engine and motor combo pumping out a combined 326PS while torque stays level at 530Nm.

We’ve also previously commented on how clean and contemporarily designed the interior looks while overseas publications have also remarked on the impressive build quality, materials, and overall finish of the cabin, especially given the price and technology equipped.

Haval H6 vs Honda CR-V vs Proton X70 vs Toyota Corolla Cross

2023 Haval H6 - PHEV - Thailand

Rivals in Malaysia will include the Proton X70, of course. We suspect that Geely is readying a full-on replacement model for the Boyue it’s based on, but there’s no way of knowing it will arrive to meet the H6 in time for a head-on battle.

The Honda CR-V, which has also recently been given a generational refresh for 2023, will be the next major contender, and the same goes for the Toyota Corolla Cross. That said, neither of them seems to have an answer for the Haval’s powertrain knock-out specs.

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