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AD: Motonation’s Custom Bike Champion Heading To Germany To Contest In World Championship

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AD: Motonation’s Custom Bike Champion Heading To Germany To Contest In World Championship

Omar Jumiran is no stranger to the custom bike building scene in Malaysia. He was announced champion in last year’s Motonation Custom Bike Building Championship.

As part of his winning prize, Omar Jumiran received an all-expenses-paid trip to Cologne, Germany to contest in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, happening this week.

Omar Jumiran of Eastern Bobber is the first Malaysian ever to compete in this championship. He will be entering his BONE-X bike which is 98% handmade in the ‘Freestyle’ category. Omar also took seven months plus RM 80,000 to improve the details on the custom bike. Prior to the start of the competition, Omar completed the finishing touches to the BONE-X bike at Motonation's warehouse in Germany.  

Judging in the AMD World Championship is rather unique, done under the ‘peer group review’. The custom bike building community themselves will judge each other’s crafts and skills. Obviously, Omar cannot vote for his own creation. Judging will be tomorrow and the results reveal on Sunday. In the 2016 championship, the Freestyle category had a submission of 42 competitors.  

In a months’ time, Motonation will be organizing its Motonation Fiezta at IOI City Mall on 3rd and 4th November 2018. The event will showcase automotive lifestyle products and services, including car accessories, electric scooter rides, test drives, and many more.

As for the next Motonation Custom Bike Building Championship, fans and enthusiasts can expect the competition to be held early next year. 

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