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Audi to feature heavily in Captain America: Civil War

Aswan April 19, 2016 13:07

There has never been an automotive manufacturer as heavily involved with a movie franchise as Audi has been with Marvel. Beginning with just the Audi R8 during Iron Man, the German giant has a larger product presence than ever with Captain America: Civil War.

In the TV spot above, a hapless family in an Audi SQ7 is caught in the middle of a high speed chase between the protagonist, and well, another group of protagonists (depending on which faction you side with). After a few minutes of intense driving, it manages to break away- leaving the chase unscathed.

But in the movie itself, there will be a number of Audi products on display. Robert Downey Jr. (as Tony Stark) returns with a new Audi R8 V10 Plus. Newcomer to the series, Chadwick Boseman (as Black Panther) will be travelling in an Audi prologue concept model.

The Audi SQ7 will also make an appearance at the hands of Chris Evans (as Captain America, of course). There will also be A4 Sedans and A7 Sportbacks in supporting roles. 

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