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BMW Shows That Joy Doesn't Have To Wait

Aswan August 18, 2016 11:27

In a rather clever ad campaign, BMW Korea indulges the dreams of a few kids- the dream to drive. A lot of us can relate to the video; the first time we got behind a wheel, whether legally or not, the feeling of apprehension, the joy of driving. In the video below, the kids try their hand at driving an F30 320d around a test circuit, not unlike the kind you might find at one of BMW's open day events. 

Of course as it's revealed later on, the drive is largely an illusion: a pilot sitting in a side-car esque contraption is the one controlling the movements of the car, while an instructor radios the children to give them faux directions. Much like how a kid would mimic your steering movements as you drive, this has a very similar effect- not quite the empowerment you would expect, but then again it's not the best idea to let a kid pilot a sports sedan when they can barely reach the pedals. 

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