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BMW Sleepwalking Ad – If You Can Dream It, You Can Drive It

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BMW Sleepwalking Ad – If You Can Dream It, You Can Drive It

In typical BMW fashion, the recent ad, dubbed “Sleepwalking” seems to drive home one very important point – if you can dream it today, you can drive it tomorrow, regardless if you’re quite a few years off from acquiring your driver’s license.

Sleepwalking starts as a young girl daydreams about driving a BMW. Her moves are well-rehearsed – cycling through a routine just prior to hitting an imaginary Start/Stop button, the mimicry is precise and in sync, right down to prodding the throttle and selecting a gear.

To add a sense of realism to the dream, the girl’s mother places a fan in front of her – as if to further immerse her and prolong her state of being. Towards the end of the video – it becomes apparent where the young child learned to “drive” the way she does.

The girl wakes up from her powerful dream as her mom starts her own BMW - bridging the gap between daydream and reality.

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