BMW Unveils Facelifted X1

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BMW Unveils Facelifted X1

With the launch of this current generation BMW X1 still fresh in our minds, it seems that it's time for a facelift. This generation marked a major shift for the X1 model line, as it went from being a longitudinal rear- or all-wheel-drive crossover (based on the E91 3 Series Wagon platform) to a transverse front- or all-wheel-drive crossover, sitting on the UKL family of platforms that underpins everything from the 2 Series Active Tourer to the MINI Cooper JCW hatchback.

This model update is minor, with an emphasis on future-proofing the powertrains to stand the test of tightening emissions standards. All petrol and diesel options have been slightly revised to meet the upcoming standards, without a compromise in performance. There are a range of petrol and diesel engines in either three or four cylinder layouts, front- or all-wheel drive, with choices of a six speed manual, seven speed dual clutch, or eight speed automatic depending on the powertrain. 

Styling hasn't changed a great deal, as the exterior has managed to stay fairly up to date with the current BMW design language. A few nips and tucks here and there, a larger emphasis on the grille which is now merged in the centre, sharper headlights and tail lights, a body coloured rear apron, and projected X1 images from the wing mirrors are all that's been done. The interior is also largely the same - we'd expect the new interiors to make an appearance for the X1 line in a full model change.

In terms of trim variants, there's an M Sport package that makes the X1 a little sportier and a little more aggressive with lower suspension and high-gloss Shadow Line trim and an M Aerodynamics package. They're minor changes but they are also likely to be the more popular choice for buyers in this region, as we have an appetite for making everything sporty. Also worth noting is the xDrive25e variant that's slated for launch next year; the plug-in hybrid will have an expected all-electric range of up to 50 km, and should also be a popular model for our market.

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