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Brace For Floods This November!

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Brace For Floods This November!

It's only September, and already we are facing frequent heavy downpours, and the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) predicts that we are about to have an even wetter November.

According to Berita Harian, the Malaysian Met Department predicts that the country will experience continuous heavy rain from mid-November, leading to major floods by the end of that month.

MetMalaysia's director-general, Muhammad Helmi Abdullah, said the La Nina phenomenon, which is ongoing and expected to last until early next year, will cause an increase in rainfall.

Flood Malaysia 2022

Heavy rainfall and floods expected in November 2022

"From mid-November there is a possibility of major flooding, especially at the end of November", said Abdullah.

He said, usually from the end of September to the beginning of November, the country will experience the monsoon transition phase.

"During this period, the weather throughout the country is usually good in the morning. While in the afternoon to early night, thunderstorms will occur more often, especially in the states of the west coast as well as the interior of the peninsula, Sarawak (western and central) and western Sabah."

"The risk of flash floods is high during this period, especially in low-lying areas on the west coast of the Peninsula," he said.

Flood Malaysia 2022 November

Muhammad Helmi said, the Northeast Monsoon usually starts in mid-November

Helmi also said that METMalaysia predicts that, throughout October, the risk of weather disasters only involves thunderstorms that have the potential to produce strong winds, heavy rains, and flash floods in a short period and on a small scale.

While this alarming bit of news means we will potentially face certain risks while driving our vehicles throughout this period, we can protect ourselves and our vehicles by getting special perils insurance.

What is special perils insurance? 

Special Perils Insurance Malaysia

Special perils is a vehicle insurance add-on that covers your car against loss or damage caused by natural disasters. Depending on the perils covered by your insurer, they usually protect you against typhoons, storms, landslides, and most important of all, floods. 

This additional coverage will compensate you in the event of car loss or damage due to any natural disaster. 

The cost of special perils coverage varies according to insurance providers, but generally, it will set you back 0.5% of your vehicle's total value, which is not a lot to pay for added safety.

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