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Bus Lane Jakarta - Solution For Malaysia Too?

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Bus Lane Jakarta - Solution For Malaysia Too?

A viral video of Jakarta's protected bus lanes has sparked the question of whether it'll be a good idea for Malaysia to have one too.

The general problem with buses in Malaysia is that while they are one of the most accessible forms of public transport, they don't seem to get you to your destination any faster than a private vehicle - as they share the same congested roads with every other vehicle.

Bus traffic jam Malaysia

In Jakarta, Indonesia however, it seems like they have found a solution for this problem, as the buses there travel in a protected bus lane. 

What is a protected bus lane?

A protected bus lane is bus specific lane which allows buses to travel from one place to another without being stuck in traffic. These lanes allow buses to travel free of traffic, making them more efficient, just like rail transport systems such as the LRT and MRT.

Jakarta protected bus lanes

Transformative Urban Mobility, an organisation that strives to transform mobility for the better for all,  recently showcased these protected bus lanes in Jakarta on Twitter, which has gained a million views since it was posted.

Malaysian netizens who commented on the video were mainly impressed with the protected bus lanes, where some of them reckon that this could be a great solution to our traffic woes.

So...protected bus lane in Malaysia?

Malaysia traffic jamPicture credit: Freepik

Of course, a protected bus lane in Malaysia would help our buses travel more freely, but creating and implementing protected bus lanes in our country is easier said than done.

As one netizen commented, "Malaysia is a very car-centric country". If we were to create protected bus lanes, it would mean reducing lanes for other vehicles, possibly creating more congestion for private vehicles. This will not go down well with the majority of motorists in Malaysia as it means they will just face more congestion and longer travel times.

And then there is the problem of those naughty Malaysian motorists who just seem to disregard traffic laws where we can see them travelling in those bus lanes to beat the traffic. If they freely travel in emergency lanes, we're pretty sure they'll do the same in a protected bus lane.

Malaysia is invested in building more roads and train lines

MRT construction Kepong

Anyhow, judging by how the Malaysian government is investing in mega projects such as the creation of new MRT and LRT lines as well as new highways in the Klang Valley, it can be said that they believe that trains and more highways are the solutions for our traffic congestion woes.

What do you think? Should the government consider building protected bus lanes? Or is it just not suitable for Malaysia?

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