Easy Ride Begins Trial For Robot Taxis

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Easy Ride Begins Trial For Robot Taxis

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd together with DeNA Co., Ltd, one of Japan’s largest mobile websites, will begin a field test of Easy Ride - an autonomous taxi service being developed by both companies - on 5th March.

Easy Ride basically offers the service of a taxi, but without the driver. The video from Nissan envisions the usage and coverage of Easy Ride, providing tourists with airport transfers to assisting the elderly and even sending kindergarten kids back home.

The field test will use a few Nissan Leaf ZE0 models modified with autonomous driving equipment to loop around a 4.5 kilometre set route in Yokohama between Nissan’s global headquarters and the Yokohama World Porters shopping centre.

Apart from providing the vehicle and booking solution, Nissan and DeNA will also test Easy Ride’s unique service functions. During the trial, participant’s feedback will be collected through a survey, comprising of questions such as user's experience, usage of retailers and restaurants coupons as well as pricing of the service.

Both companies have also set up a remote monitoring centre to ensure users' peace of mind and efficient fleet operation. Personnel can view the Leaf’s multiple scanning devices remotely for reliable uninterrupted service.

The companies aim to launch Easy Ride in a limited environment at first, and then introduce a full service in the early 2020s.