Fined For Going Too Slow – How It’s Done In Germany

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Fined For Going Too Slow – How It’s Done In Germany

For driving well below the speed limit and holding up traffic behind him by staying on the outer lane, this Hyundai Matrix was pulled over by the German police and fined 40 Euros (RM190). Based on the cars seen in this footage, this video is quite old and the subtitles adds that the fine has been raised to 80 Euros (RM380) as of 2016.

Note this video was taken in left-hand drive Germany, so overtaking lanes are the opposite of what we adhere to in right-hand drive Malaysia. Because their vehicles are left-hand drive, slow vehicles have to stay on the right, while overtaking is to be done on the left.

Turn on Youtube’s closed captions to see the subtitles.

Unbeknownst to the driver of the Hyundai, an unmarked E60 generation BMW 5 Series police car was patrolling the stretch of the highway and noted that the Hyundai was staying on the left (overtaking) lane unnecessarily long, which later forced a van and a convertible car following behind to undertake aggressively on the right – which they aren’t supposed to but the policeman noted that they sympathised with their predicament and understood why they were forced to do so.

Eventually the unmarked police car made its presence known and pulled the Hyundai over. 

Interestingly, the policeman tracked the Hyundai to be driving at 90 km/h on the overtaking lane, when the speed limit was 100 km/h – which to the German police, was definitely an offence for obstructing traffic.

Here's another video, filmed on a more familiar right-hand drive setting.

Closer to home, we have a slightly different problem. On one hand, poor enforcement of traffic regulations mean that Malaysians drive the fastest in the region. At the same time, we also the slowest drivers hogging the lanes, many of whom don’t see any problem with holding up traffic by driving slowly. It doesn’t matter if we expand our roads from two to four lanes, because they would all be clogged up by the same group of drivers who believe that as long as they are driving below the speed limit, they have a right to stay in any lane they wish. They also took it upon themselves to stop anyone from going any faster, by firmly staying put on the overtaking lane.

At the same time, we have overloaded lorries that are just overwhelming their engines, and travelling way to slowly on the first lane. 

Our friend Bobby Ang from did a vlog about this topic some time back.

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