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Five Stars For Proton X70 In ASEAN NCAP, Suzuki Swift Judged Too

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Five Stars For Proton X70 In ASEAN NCAP, Suzuki Swift Judged Too

The soon-to-be-launched Proton X70 has achieved a 5-star rating in the ASEAN NCAP. The Geely Boyue-based SUV weighing 1,670 kilograms scored a total of 89.24 points, just behind Hyundai Ioniq and Toyota C-HR.

Breaking down the points into categories, the Proton X70 scored 48.99 points for Adult Occupant Protection (AOP). That is the second highest score after the Toyota C-HR.

The score for Child Occupant Protection (COP) is 20.80. Thanks to the inclusion of various advanced driver assistance systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW), the Proton X70 scored a very encouraging 19.44 points in the Safety Assist Technologies (SAT).

As the current protocol awards point for rear seatbelt reminder, the Proton X70, which is not equipped with the feature, did not score the maximum in this sub-category.

Proton will be displaying the new X70 at the upcoming KLIMS 2018, scheduled to begin next Friday, November 23rd.         

ASEAN NCAP also tested the Suzuki Swift with the Thailand-made model scoring a 4-star rating.

ASEAN NCAP commented that while the Suzuki Swift provided good protection in the frontal impact, the chest assessment indicated a weak protection during the side impact test.  

The Suzuki Swift scored just 27.69 in the AOP category, 39.11 in the COP category and a rather disappointing 12.64 in the SAT category. This is due to the non-standardized fitment of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) across the region (only Singapore and Thailand consumers receive it).

In this Effective Braking and Avoidance sub-category, the Swift only achieved 5.5 out of the maximum 8 points. 

Update: Video links were added once they were uploaded into ASEAN NCAP Youtube page.

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