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FJ Company Is The Singer Of Toyota Land Cruisers

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FJ Company Is The Singer Of Toyota Land Cruisers

If you're a classic car enthusiast, you may have heard of the Porsche-specialist Singer Vehicle Design. But what you may not have seen is FJ Company- an outfit that specializes in reviving and restoring old FJ-generation Land Cruisers. 

Their latest project is a 1981 FJ43L-KC Land Cruiser, brought in from Columbia, South America. This generation of Land Cruiser is arguably the most sought after Toyota model, although enthusiasts may argue a stronger case for the Corollas and Supras of old. 

While the car was in fairly good condition to begin with, FJ Company chose to do a full restoration from the metal up- along with a few modern touches to keep the car relevant in this day and age. The car was painted in Toyota's Dune Beige- which is more like a grey tone to be fair- with a matte finish. 

Much like how Singer mixes and matches parts from various different generations of 911 to produce the "ultimate" 911, FJ Company does the same as well- with certain components like side mirrors and bumpers being fitted despite being from different FJ models. 

Beyond that, the engine is a modern 1GR-FE 4.0-litre V6 from a current generation Land Cruiser, managed with a Haltech ECU and pushing 240 hp, while most of the electricals have been updated to match and support modern creature comforts. The lighting is modernized as well, along with interior trim pieces.

The price for all this? A hefty 85,000 USD (or RM 357,000). It's a crazy amount of money for a classic offroad machine with hardly any of the modern safety features you would expect of a car, but the same could be said of Singer's products. 

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