GIIAS 2015: Open Top Toyota Yaris Legian Concept, Less Roof More Fun

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GIIAS 2015: Open Top Toyota Yaris Legian Concept, Less Roof More Fun

At the Gaikindo Indonesia International Motor Show, Toyota has brought some new cars for us to look at. And one that really catches the eye is this home-grown hero, the Yaris Legian. 

As you’ll notice, it’s missing its roof, which is an unusual feature to go along with a Toyota, especially these days. It’s also got just two doors and is painted in this bright orange colour. Perhaps being ostentatious is something viewed upon positively here.

Besides the obvious, the Yaris Legian has various TRD bits strewn around its exterior as well as distinctive triple-flare headlamps with LED daytime running lights built into them. The rear lights of the XP150 Yaris, however, seem to have made the roofless transition completely intact.

There’s also some larger alloys too and toward the rear you’ll see a very prominent ‘TAM’ badging, which stands for ‘Toyota Astra Motor’. That’s the Indonesian branch of the very large Toyota Motor Corporation. This Yaris Legian was their brainchild.

Legian, if our memory serves, is the name of a beachfront area in the vacation paradise of Bali. Supposedly, Toyota thought this car, with its fun-loving persona and open top, would be perfect for cruising along some picturesque coastal roads.

Not sure on what’s under the bonnet but we presume it’s the same 1.3-litre 6NR-FE or 1.5-litre 7NR-FE engine offered in the base car.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

"So if I push my leg down on this lever-thing, I'll somehow go faster? Woah.". I was 10 years old, and hooked. I spent a lot of my youth sketching cars and perfecting my monthly dream garage within a daydream - occasionally interjected with a chase scene, obviously. Cars move me. Things I can't get enough of: Porsches and torque.


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