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Handbrake Turns Over Speed Bumps Don't End Well

Jim Kem May 6, 2015 15:01

What happens when you're driving along and see a speed bump a little too late? Do you panic? Or just calmly brake as much as you can and hope for the best? Here’s what not to do, though: jam on the handbrake and swerve sideways. 

It might not look like it on first blush, but the driver in this video wasn’t just another overeager hatchback driver who wanted to show off (despite looking like one) – he’s actually trying to save himself, but failed. We’re not fans of speed bumps (is anyone?) and some of us might be quite familiar with ones that aren’t even painted properly or at all. All those ingredients were there for this unlucky guy who sent his car sideways over the not-so-high bump, leaving inertia to do the work of flipping his white hatch over.

Toward the end, you can see the driver getting out through the side window, a bystander wearing blue who witnessed the whole thing but couldn’t be bothered to do anything but sigh and mock him aloud, and the car that driver was desperate to get past very easily tackling the bump that just defeated him.  


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