Honda Malaysia has no intention of increasing the prices of their vehicles

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Honda Malaysia has no intention of increasing the prices of their vehicles

Honda Malaysia to maintain their current prices - wants to concentrate on delivering ordered cars.

The new year doesn't look good for new car buyers as companies such as BMW, Toyota and Nissan have already announced that some of their cars will get a price hike due to the current challenging situations like global inflation and rising manufacturing costs.

Honda prices 2023

However, not all of them will be doing so, as Honda Malaysia are openly saying that they will not increase their car prices for 2023 models, and will maintain its current prices.

Instead, they will be putting all of their efforts into continuing to provide good quality products, but most importantly, delivering vehicles to customers who are waiting for their vehicles.

Honda had a good 2022 as cars such as the new-gen HR-V and Civic were all highly sought after, which caused a little waiting time for the said vehicles.  

Honda Malaysia car prices 2023

All of Honda Malaysia's vehicles are locally assembled at their Melaka plant, which is probably why they are able to balance the books without altering the prices of their cars.

Where Japanese cars are concerned, it seems that the ones that have gone up in price are those which are fully imported.

Honda Malaysia had a 2022 sales target of 80,000 units. In the first six months of the year, Honda Malaysia had already sold more than 39,000 units but received orders for some 105,000 vehicles. Honda Malaysia just announced that they had achieved their target as they have recorded more than 80,200 units of total sales in 2022. 

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