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Hyundai To Launch Second Motorstudio In Korea

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Hyundai To Launch Second Motorstudio In Korea

Hyundai Motor Korea announced that it will be opening its third ‘Motorstudio’ brand experience space in the city of Hanam, South Korea this Friday.  

The facility, which will joining the other two Motorstudios in Seoul and Moscow, will offer visitors a unique brand experience in exploring the innovative themes related to Hyundai Motor.

Located within a newly-built cultural complex that also features business headquarters and a shopping mall, among the main highlight of the Hyundai Motorstudio Hanam will be the Ioniq model and how it represents the brand’s future.

Taking centre stage at the Motorstudio will be, of course, the electric and Hybrid versions of the IONIQ model. An interactive charging station will also be present, enabling visitors to experience the ease of home charging IONIQ Electric in an artistic, immersive space.

And then, there is the design studio, where visitors can see and feel the exterior and interior materials of Ioniq models in addition to selecting a model of their choice for a test drive in nearby courses – all without the burden to make a purchase.

That aside, there is the super-large media wall and a ‘Guru Bar’, where fostered ‘Gurus’ who are experts on automobile culture, will be available in the specially-created space to guide and inform visitors.

According to Hyundai, it wants to explore the theme of future mobility through Hyundai Motor’s ‘Project Ioniq’ through the Motorstudio Hanam. The Ioniq is a long-term research and development project that aims to enhance the lives of Hyundai customers in the future.

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