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If You Drive A Beetle, Volkswagen Wants You!

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If You Drive A Beetle, Volkswagen Wants You!

Do you ever read stories of huge car gatherings of a particular brand or a specific model? If you own a Volkswagen Beetle, this is your time to shine. Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia will be organizing the Beetle, An Iconic Gathering - welcoming Beetle owners from all walks of life. The event will be a celebration of the ever-adored classic, held at the open-air carpark at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya, this coming 13th of July, 2019.

The aim of the event, besides a celebration of the Beetle, is to break the current Malaysian record of the largest number of Beetles gathered in a single location. All owners of Beetles, regardless of which model you have, are welcome. The event will start with a 150 car convoy from the heart of KL known as the Beetle Sunshine Tour, which will wind its way through the Golden Triangle before heading on to Putrajaya.

Beetle, An Iconic Gathering is open to all Beetle owners in Malaysia and interested participants can register and their cars on the Volkswagen website. Participation is free, and details of the event are provided during the online registration. All participants will also receive a certificate of participation from Volkswagen.

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