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India’s Parallel Parking Sensation Gives Another Demo of His Skills


India’s Parallel Parking Sensation Gives Another Demo of His Skills

By now, many of you would’ve seen a viral video from India showing a white Toyota Innova being driven out of a super tight parking spot next to a bridge with extreme precision.

The stunt, which was pulled off by an experienced bus driver named PJ Biju from Kerala, India, got so much attention from bystanders who witnessed him that they actually gathered around the place again to see him parallel-parking in the spot.

Besides locals, the man also got the attention of people from all over the globe as videos shared on Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram have gained tens of thousands of views in just a matter of days.

In a recent development, a news channel from India decided to interview PJ Biju to ask about his unbelievable parking skills where he revealed that he is actually a bus driver, and after driving buses for years, parking an Innova in that spot was not really that big of a challenge for him.

The best part is that he even did a demonstration, showing us the act from a nearer, clearer point of view (forward to 1:05 mark to see him park).

What surprised everyone the most is the fact that the Innova which he parked like a boss, is not even his. The vehicle actually belongs to a friend of Biju, who needed his help to collect it after a paint job.

What makes this feat even more impressive is the fact that the Innova is not the latest model, and actually has very limited driver aids. It's all manual hand-eye-feet coordination. 

Impressed? or do you think you can park better than Mr.PJ Biju here?

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