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Isuzu D-Max Takes The Lead In Thailand

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Isuzu D-Max Takes The Lead In Thailand

Not every car manufacturer has been hit as badly by COVID-19, and Isuzu seems to be coming out on top – at least in Thailand.

It seems that Isuzu’s massive investments in Thailand have started to pay off as the company managed to clinch the top-selling spot for their D-Max through June of 2020. So high is this number at 14,868 units that it eclipses every other offering on the market, with the Toyota Hilux Revo coming in second at just 6,113 units sold. The Mitsubishi Triton takes third place with 2,009 units, but you can see a severe decline in figures beyond this point.

Isuzu D Max Takes The Lead In Thailand Rear Three Quarter

Year to date, the Isuzu D-Max still dominates with a total 67,625 total sales figure, roughly 18,000 more than the Toyota Hilux Revo. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that in the highly competitive pick-up truck segment, the latest and greatest commands the most attention – and for the time being that happens to be the Isuzu D-Max.

Isuzu D Max Takes The Lead In Thailand Front Three Quarter

That victory may be short-lived, however, as other brands are gearing up to launch new and improved versions of their current offerings. Both Nissan and Toyota have recently pushed revised models of the Navara and Hilux respectively for the Thai market, as well as the up and coming Mazda BT-50.

What we’re seeing in Thailand could very much happen over here in the coming months, and not merely limited to the pick-up truck market. As we have seen in the past, following every general slump in sales there is a corresponding rise in the following months that eventually creates a fairly even, average sales figure that matches previous years.

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