Kia Joins Forces With Peter Pan In New Global Ad Campaign

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Kia Joins Forces With Peter Pan In New Global Ad Campaign

Kia Motors has launched a new global advertising campaign featuring characters from the classic children’s classic story of Peter Pan.

The three-minute film, entitled Peter Returns, is a re-imagining of the tale which offers a futuristic take on Peter’s ongoing conflict with Captain Hook.

It shows Peter, joined by trusted companions Wendy and Tinker Bell, on a mission to bring new technologies to the inhabitants of Neverland, who, until now, have been prevented from enjoying the fruits of technological progress thanks to the selfishness of nefarious pirate Hook.

In the film, the protagonists take advantage of multiple autonomous and advanced technology features in the Kia Proceed Concept to win the day. These technologies include Smart Pixel Light, Valet Parking Pilot, Sound Focusing, Intelligent Agent and many more. Under the ‘Boundless for all’ thesis, Kia plans to commercialize Level 4 autonomous driving technology, with ‘Smart City’ autonomous vehicle testing due to commence in 2021

The short film is part of Kia’s ‘Boundless for all’ vision, in which opportunities for mobility are limitless, and where everyone can enjoy the infinite value that future transportation will bring.

“Kia is on a journey to become one of the leading mass mobility providers in the future,” commented Yong Won Cho, executive vice president and head of Global Brand & Marketing Division at Kia Motors.

“Through our original film, we wanted to show how something classical and loved by millions around the world can be re-interpreted and made relevant for modern times. Much like the people of Neverland in ‘Peter Returns’, everyone deserves to benefit from technological progress, not just the few.”

Peter Returns was directed by award-winning French filmmaker Phillipe Andre. Shot in Madrid, Spain, over a six-day period, the film involved 200 actors and crew members, with over 100 different props and costumes created specifically for the ad. The imaginary Neverland locations took approximately six months to be sketched and turned into computer graphics (CG).


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