KLIMS 2018: Baby-SUV Lexus UX 200 Previewed, 169 Hp Paired With New D-CVT

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KLIMS 2018: Baby-SUV Lexus UX 200 Previewed, 169 Hp Paired With New D-CVT

Lexus Malaysia complemented the preview of the all-new Lexus ES with another important model, the Lexus UX compact crossover.

The all-new model is positioned at the emerging compact crossover segment that includes the BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, Audi Q3, and the long waiting period Volvo XC40.

The left-hand drive unit brought in by Lexus Malaysia features the latest 2.0-litre engine with Dynamic Force technology. The naturally aspirated (only type in the segment) engine is said to develop up to 169 hp and 205 Nm of torque. A newly developed CVT-type transmission with a launch gear improves acceleration from standstill and low speeds.

The result of this powertrain combination is a time of 9.2 seconds for the traditional century dash benchmark.

The Lexus UX is the first model to be based on Toyota’s TNGA platform, specifically the GA-C variant. The GA-C variant of the TNGA platform is also utilized by the Toyota C-HR and Toyota Corolla models.

Lexus says that the benefit of the new platform includes sure-footed handling akin to a sports coupe. Occupants will also take note of the highly inviting and pleasing interior in the Lexus UX. Japanese craftsmanship is evident through the placement of the paper 'washi'-inspired trim panel.

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Siew Weng

Siew Weng

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