KLIMS 2018: Honda CR-V Mugen Concept Previewed

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KLIMS 2018: Honda CR-V Mugen Concept Previewed

Visitors to the Honda stand at the ongoing KLIMS 2018 motor show will have a chance to get up close with the CR-V Mugen Concept.

Much like the limited edition HR-V Mugen Edition that went on sale earlier this year, the CR-V Mugen Concept is fitted with a number of cosmetic enhancements for a more aggressive look.

Most notable is the addition of a front and rear spoilers, and a side skirt. The Mugen Concept also receives a different grille design, replete with badging. There’s another badge on the tailgate and a strip the runs the length of the doors. The CR-V Mugen Concept is finished in a new Passion Red Pearl colour.

There are no changes to the interior, engine, or wheels. There are currently no plans to introduce Mugen version of Honda CR-V.

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