KLIMS 2018: Perodua X-Concept – Future Hatchback Model

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KLIMS 2018: Perodua X-Concept – Future Hatchback Model

Proudly labeled as ‘The Perodua Of Tomorrow”, the X-Concept was put on display at the Perodua booth alongside the upcoming SUV and hybrid showcase.

Perodua says that the X-Concept combines connectivity and practicality into one package. In addition to that, the “X” in the name stands as a symbol of stability, dynamism and advanced technology.

From the outside, this little concept hatchback from Perodua features “X” theme throughout the exterior, with a bold front end with X motives in the grille surrounding the Perodua emblem and oversized LED signature lighting.

Design elements aside, Perodua also mentioned that the X-Concept is built on the “rolling tablet” concept, featuring an iPad Pro in the centre console, replacing the regular centre console.

A couple of years back in 2013, Perodua showcased the GMZ Buddyz Concept, which eventually evolved into the Bezza in 2016.

Gallery: KLIMS 2018: Perodua X-Concept – Future Hatchback Model



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