Leaked: New Special Edition Isuzu D-Max Model Due For Malaysia

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Leaked: New Special Edition Isuzu D-Max Model Due For Malaysia

Now that the all-new Toyota Hilux has been launched, it is only reasonable to expect Isuzu, which still holds a strong sway in the East Malaysian market where pick-up trucks dominate, to react with at least some of product reinforcement for its D-Max.

Thailand has already launched a new D-Max with a 1.9-litre Ddi Blue Power engine that’s actually more powerful than the outgoing 2.5-litre unit, but exports have yet to commence so the current D-Max will continue to soldier a little longer, probably until end of this year.


We received the set of images below in our Facebook’s inbox, purportedly for an upcoming special edition D-Max model.

The unnamed black-white ‘panda’ colour themed special edition D-Max appears to wear matte black alloy wheels, black decals and black fenders on a white coloured body. The standard D-Max’s chrome garnish on the tail lamps, headlamps, wing mirrors, grille, sports bar, door handles and roof rails have all been replaced with black painted items.

It is unknown if this is for a 2.5-litre or a 3.0-litre D-Max but the LS badge on the fenders suggests that the donor car is a 2.5-litre model.

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