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Lexus Is Going To Trade Side Mirrors For Cameras On The New ES

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Lexus Is Going To Trade Side Mirrors For Cameras On The New ES

We're surprised it's taken this long for manufacturers to catch on, but Lexus is finally offering digital wing mirrors as an option for the upcoming ES replacement model. They're called the Digital Outer Mirrors, and it will be the first of its kind equipped on a mass produced vehicle (the Volkswagen XL1 would be the first vehicle to offer it).

The wing mirrors are replaced with small cameras mounted on the outside of the car, with small screens displaying the feed from these cameras on the inside. While the implementation still needs a little bit of streamlining to not look like something that's more aftermarket, it's definitely a step forward.

There are various benefits to doing this, from better peripheral vision and better field of view, to reduced wind noise and better aerodynamics. Consider that in the rain when your windows get wet, it can be difficult to look at details in your mirror as well - and this is a pretty nifty solution to get around that.

The system goes above and beyond by zooming out or enhancing each view depending on when you signal or put the car in reverse. 

The digital mirrors will make their debut on the all-new ES, which is expected to go on sale in Japan in October, following its launch in Thailand and the United States. For the time being, as all new Japanese technologies are, it will only be made available for Japanese models until they feel it can function properly in other regions. 

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