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Lexus RX200t Debuts In Shanghai

Hans April 20, 2015 11:45

Following the all-new fourth generation Lexus RX's global debut at the New York International Auto Show earlier this month, Lexus has now introduced the Lexus RX200t variant at today's opening of Auto Shanghai 2015.

Powered by the same hyper-sophisticated 8AR-FTS 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine from the smaller NX200t, an engine which features both direct and port injection, as well as the ability to switch from Atkinson combustion cycle to Otto cycle on the fly, the RX200t is the second of several more turbocharged Lexus models in the pipeline.

Lexus have yet to announce the specific power output of the RX200t, but said it will be more than 228 hp. In the NX200t, the engine is tuned to deliver 235 hp from 4,800 - 5,600 rpm. The transmission is the same 6-speed automatic Super ECT with AI Shift unit from the NX200t.

The RX200t will now join the recently revealed RX350 and the RX450h hybrid in Lexus' global line-up. The model will be progressively launched across all Lexus markets beginning the third quarter of this year.

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