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Malaysia's Monsoon Transition Phase To Start On 3 October

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Malaysia's Monsoon Transition Phase To Start On 3 October

Malaysia is expected to go through the monsoon transition phase beginning on 3 October 2022.

According to the Malaysian Meteorological Department, the transition phase is expected to last until the end of November, which also marks the end of the southwest monsoon that started back in May.

malaysia monsoon transitional phase october 2022

Expect heavy rains & strong winds

This monsoon transition phase will bring in light winds from all directions that may trigger thunderstorms. This might also be accompanied by heavy rains and strong winds, so it's best to be prepared especially for frequent travellers. Time to check those tyres, folks.

According to MetMalaysia's Director-General, Muhammad Helmi Abdullah, "Such incidents will be more prominent during the evenings and early hours of the night in the west coast states and the interior parts of the Peninsular, west coast of Sabah and central parts of Sarawak."

malaysia monsoon transitional phase october 2022*Image credit: Rojak Daily

Weather patterns might trigger flash floods

With heavy rains and strong winds, this particular weather situation also runs the risk of triggering flash floods as well as possibly causing structural damage in affected areas. The public should be more aware of this phase by regularly checking the latest weather updates.

In preparation, the Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) have prepared over 29,000 officers and personnel in case of floods at all flood-risk and water surge areas. Over a thousand assets including five aircraft are will be prepped and ready to mobilise in case of emergencies.

Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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