MCO: Photo/Video Recording Prohibited At Roadblocks

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MCO: Photo/Video Recording Prohibited At Roadblocks

As you would expect, part of MCO phase 2 means tighter enforcement on a number of fronts. This is perhaps most prominently represented by the various roadblocks and road closures the police have set up throughout most of Klang Valley.

And if you happen to be whiling the time away in such a roadblock on the way to or from buying some household or medical essentials, it would be a good idea to keep your phone pocketed.

Police will have their guard up for individuals who take pictures or shoot video at roadblock locations, particularly of the officers manning them as this would count as interfering with official duties.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said that those taking photos or video could cause negative perception on social media, according to Bernama, adding that the behaviour was irresponsible and contravened the movement control order.

“The police are carrying out a noble mission with the objective of breaking the COVID-19 infection chain to save the people,” he told the press at Bukit Aman. “Individuals who do that (record and take photographs with the intention of casting a bad image on the police) are strongly reminded that there are many parties who are keeping their eye on you and waiting to arrest you,”

The IGP also added that road users need only consider going onto the roads when the reason is justified, pointing out that those who make up excuses would be guilty of an offence, doubly so if they are found to be recording the exchange with police.

“If they have gone out to purchase goods, it is not a problem, but if they purposely go out to record the roadblocks, then it is an offence because the police who are performing their duties are not there to be filmed or are on show.”

Because police officers are stationed at roadblocks, they stand a higher risk of being exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Consequently, all personnel are required to wear face masks and disposable gloves as well as use hand sanitisers often. Officers are also not allowed to stand close to a vehicle much less touch it when they stop a car for questioning.

Let’s make their lives easier and possibly expedite this period of restricted movement by doing all we can to adhere to the MCO’s guidelines. We’ve already made it through three weeks - almost - and, as a nation, we’re behaving with civility and discipline through these challenging times. No reason to let the ourselves down now.

After all, the newly imposed 10km radius limit (an addressed utilities bill or other documentation would come in handy) and the 1 person per car rule does mean you’d most likely be driving alone, so why exacerbate the situation by having your phone out while in the driver’s seat?

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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