Meet Bob And His 700,000 km Toyota Prius


Meet Bob And His 700,000 km Toyota Prius

Toyota UK recently interviewed one of their customers Mr. Bob Old and his Toyota Prius, which has clocked almost 700,000 km in 11 years.

Bob bought his second generation Toyota Prius in 2004 and throughout the 11 years he had the car, the only repairs required were related to the brake’s discs and shock absorbers.

“Everyone says you must have changed the battery. No I haven’t changed the battery. It’s still the original NiMh battery that was in the vehicle when it was new,” said Bob.

Unfortunately for Toyota, Bob is so pleased with his Prius that he isn’t looking to change his car anytime soon and intends to continue to driving it until it finally gives up on him.

“I think it has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the most reliable vehicle on the road that I have ever driven has been a Toyota, and I have driven many vehicles on the road.” 

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