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Mercedes-AMG Teases More Of The C 63 Coupé, Debuts Mid-August

Gerard August 5, 2015 17:19

Another teaser image of the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupé has been posted on the carmaker’s Facebook page, this time revealing the rear of the high-performance two-door model.

Although heavily camouflaged, we can roughly make out the car’s taillights which appear to be adopted from that of the S-Class Coupé and are pretty consistent with earlier renderings of the C-Class Coupé which we reported on. The trademark AMG quad exhaust tips are also clearly seen as well.

Earlier, Mercedes-AMG released other teaser images that showed the C 63 Coupé’s front end and other parts but withheld a view of the car’s rear end until now.

The coupé will adopt the powertrain found in its four-door variant, a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine paired to an AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT seven-speed sport transmission. The C 63 sedan comes in ‘S’ and ‘non-S’ variants with power figures listed as 503hp and 700Nm of torque for the former and 469hp and 650Nm, the latter.

A countdown site has already been set up to the car’s debut where “Something Fast Is Coming” on 20 August (Malaysian time).

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