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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Pre-empts Customers On SST Charges Due To Overwhelming Demand

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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Pre-empts Customers On SST Charges Due To Overwhelming Demand

In the interest of transparency, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has pre-empted all customers who have yet to receive their vehicles and may not do so within the GST tax holiday period due to overwhelming demand, that they won’t be compensated for the difference in price of their chosen vehicle after the implementation of SST, which starts on 1st September.

The official correspondence MBM states:

“In our efforts to ensure your satisfaction as a customer with regards to a timely delivery of your selected Mercedes-Benz, we have refrained from committing to an exact date – especially in individual cases where we are not certain of registration on or before August 31, 2018. We are confident that our dealer partners and by extension, our esteemed sales personnel nationwide, have similarly conveyed this message.

Thus, we hope for your kind understanding should you not have been able to receive your vehicle within the period in which GST was zero percent. We have been working diligently and tirelessly with our Pekan production plant to maximise capacity of locally-assembled vehicles alongside a similar effort to expedite delivery of imported vehicles to Malaysia.

Further to this, we are doing our utmost such that our dealer partners are receiving these vehicles in an efficient manner to reduce your wait as honoured clientele.

Through our dealer network and our qualified dealer personnel, we will ensure that you are constantly made aware of updates to your expected period of delivery. We are additionally at your disposal to explore every avenue should you choose to make an alternative decision on your vehicle purchase.

We truly appreciate the trust and loyalty of our customers and thank them sincerely for making us the leading luxury lifestyle brand in the premium automobile segment. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is, and will always remain, committed to placing the customer at the centre of our activities as an importer, producer, and distributor of premium automobiles to deliver the Best Customer Experience.”

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