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Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Announces New CEO, Effective Feb 2015

Jim Kem March 2, 2015 14:17

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has announced the appointment of Mr. Won-Chul Yang the new CEO of the official local distributor of Mitsubishi motor vehicles, made effective on 12 February 2015. 

Mr. Yang is a veteran of Mitsubishi Motors, having held a number of high-ranking leadership positions over his 20 year career. In 1992 he joined Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), Seoul, Korea and subsequently served as Manager of MC Tokyo before becoming Director of Strategic Planning and Coordination for Mitsubishi Motor Sales Korea Ltd, a position he held since 2012 prior this newest appointment.

His considerable expertise within Mitsubishi and with the automotive landscape at large will put him in good stead to lead Mitsubishi’s Malaysian arm to greater success going forward.

Mr. Yang certainly has some large shoes to fill as he replaces Tetsuya Oda, the company’s CEO since July 2010 who passed away in December 2014. The late Mr. Oda was loved by many for having a down-to-earth and kind demeanor as well as for greatly advancing Mitsubishi Motors' market share and brand presence in Malaysia.

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