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Motorcyclist Gets Hit by Perodua Alza, Video Goes Viral

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Motorcyclist Gets Hit by Perodua Alza, Video Goes Viral

Traffic accidents happen all the time in Malaysia, and every now and then we find them recorded by dashcams that people usually run to protect themselves in the event of an accident. Whether it's things as crazy as someone driving the wrong way up the highway, or an out of control car smashing into traffic- there are all kinds of peculiaraties that occur and being able to review it on video serves as a good lesson.

In this case, it's a little difficult to say who is in the wrong. An MPV runs through a junction and smashes straight into a motorcyclist, sending the rider bouncing off the car's windscreen. In this case the motorcyclist is immediately in the wrong for being stopped in a yellow box, but similarly it is unclear whether the Perodua Alza had cross the junction on red or if the light was still yellow. 

Arguably had the rider been more patient and waited until the light was a solid green for him, this never would happened. There is a lot of impatience among motorists these days that result in unnecessary accidents and altercations, but if there is one piece of advice we can provide is that you can never expect others to obey traffic lights. Even if you see a solid green up ahead, do not simply charge through the junction as there may be other motorists thinking they can take advantage of a brief lull in traffic. 

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