Next-Generation Honda CR-V To Be A Seven-Seater?


Currently, the CR-V is only available with five seats and if you’re looking for something with seven, the Honda Pilot which is specific to the American market is the closest model to feature that amount of seating.

In Australia, one of the CR-V’s rivals include the Nissan X-Trail which is offered in both a five- and seven-seater configuration. The X-Trail’s length is just slightly more than the CR-V’s (4,640mm vs 4,590mm) and features a longer wheelbase as well (2,705mm vs 2,620mm).

It has yet to be revealed if the fifth-generation Honda CR-V will utilise the same wheelbase like in the X-Trail whose seating layout is more of a 5+2. We reckon fitting another row of seats into the CR-V might be a tight fit. This could push Honda into producing two different wheelbases instead to accommodate such requirements.

Would a seven-seater Honda CR-V be more attractive or is five seats more than sufficient?

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