Nissan Terra Body-On-Frame SUV To Premiere In China This Spring

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Nissan Terra Body-On-Frame SUV To Premiere In China This Spring

It's going to be the first model from Nissan's frame and LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) divison under the Nissan M.O.V.E to 2022 midterm plan. It's the Nissan Terra, and it's the latest in a line of body-on-frame SUVs from the Japanese carmaker.

It'll be making its debut in China around spring of this year, and is going to be an integral part of the Nissan model range in the coming years. While they may not be the most popular Japanese car brand out there, the next few years are important for Nissan to turn things around. 

Nissan's frame and LCV unit is focused on making vehicles like SUVs, pickups, vans, and light-duty trucks - and they're seen as being fairly important to achieve Nissan's mid-term objectives.

If a sixth of all Nissans sold around the globe is a frame-based vehicle or a LCV, it is a segment that Nissan cannot ignore. Their ambition is to become the global leader in LCV sales by 2022, and to improve sales by 40%. 

For now we have a couple of photos and a video to go on, before the full launch later in the year - but it's shaping up to be a competitive product when you look at contemporary offerings in this market segment. Whether it'll be introduced here is difficult to say, but there will definitely be a market within South-East Asia. 




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