Oldie But Goodie: Old Cars that Deserve A Second Chance In Motoring Life

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Oldie But Goodie: Old Cars that Deserve A Second Chance In Motoring Life

Old cars do not necessarily mean they are cars that are past their sell by date. They are just old-er and need a bit more tender love and care. They still function and bring a lot of joy to our lives. They are like our parents. They were once younger, healthier, and had more energy, but what they do not have in youthfulness anymore, they have an abundance of in wisdom, class, and composure, just like older cars. Somehow, no matter what, you still admire them for what and who they are. 

The saying that "they don't make them like they used to" is actually factually correct because these days cars are engineered to provide short excitement spans because the next newer model will surely come with some fabulous new gadgets and tech that'll make you want them. Well, new cars were always built better to elapse older ones, but the level of high tech in new cars these days is just astronomical.  

Thanks to the rapid pace of technological advancement, cars are built more efficient than ever. Still, they do come at a cost; their replacement parts are usually costly due to the tech used. This is another reason why people change cars more frequently than ever, because at the first sign that the vehicle's warranty will be coming to an end, owners will usually try to get rid of them like it is animal dung. 

But you know what, even animal dung gets a second chance. They are used to fertilise the land, which in turn helps to grow those tasty fruits and vegetables we love. I'm not saying old vehicles are like animal dung, but the saying of another person's trash is another person's treasure really comes to mind here.

Our parents' generation tended to keep their cars for more than 20 to 30 years. You can still find one-owner vehicles that are 30 plus years old. Some newer cars that are just shy of two years old can already have two owners. Why is that? Because cars in our parents' generation were much more straightforward and repairable. Are they still repairable today though? Yes if you can find an old school sifu mechanic to fix them of course.

If you're looking for a cheap project car that you would love to drive on the weekends, these are the cars you need to look at. They are affordable and can provide you with a hobby of restoring a car. The hunt for them is actually where the fun is because once you've bought it, 'Bengkel Life' kicks in.  

However, be mindful, these cars are cheap for a reason. They won't be in the best condition but can provide you with a base for a project. Mint condition version of these cars is usually priced much higher. 

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of these old cars, cause who knows, perhaps you can give them another chance in motoring life. We're pretty sure we didn't get all those glorious old cars in this list, so chip in and let us know which old cars you love.

Mercedes Benz 300SE W126 ( starting from RM10k)

Having a title such as the "best car in the world" can be really heavy on a cars metal shell. But luckily, the W126 embraced it and still delivers that vibe till today. Even till today, people prefer this lovely German limousine over a new generation micro machine - maybe it is the best car in the world. It was introduced in 1979, but you can still find examples that are in good condition. If you're not in a hurry to go anywhere but want to drive in style and comfort, this is the car for you. Mechanical parts are still available but finding a mechanic that truly knows about them will be harder to find. 


The original Mini (starting from RM10k)

We might ruffle a few feathers here, especially if you're a BMW fan, but arguably, the Mini Cooper S was the first affordable two-door sporty car, not the BMW 2002 - maybe that's why BMW bought them. It was tearing up the European and American race tracks way before the 2002. The base car wasn't bad either and can be readily found in Malaysia. Sadly, it's hard to find an original Mini Cooper S on our shores, but with a little tweaking and cups of tea and a handful of scones with a sifu Mini mechanic, you can make an original base model Mini move and feel like a Cooper S.


BMW e34 VS Mercedes w124 (Starting from RM7k)

Ahh, the age-old battle, which is better, the BMW E34 or the Mercedes W124. Truthfully, they are both brilliant cars made for different demographics, with the BMW suited to sportier drivers and the Benz to laid back drivers. The prices of these cars are starting to rise now, so snap one up before the price increases. The E34 was known as the sportscar in a business suit while the W124 was claimed to be over-engineered by Mercedes Benz. Parts for these cars are still available and not all that expensive if it doesn't come anywhere near the engine or gearbox. Saying that, some engines that came with specific variants of the car were more reliable than others. 


Isuzu Trooper Bighorn (Starting from RM12k)

Okay, Land Cruisers and Pajeros are much more desirable, but the prices for those vehicles are also much much more. If you need an old school seven-seater 4x4 that can probably take you off the beaten path while at the same time serve as a family bus, the Isuzu Trooper can do that. We're not talking about the first generation, but the second which was also called the Bighorn. They were so good, many other companies like Honda, Holden, Vauxhall and Opel decided to rebadge them and call them their own. The Bighorn has a lot of space inside and comes with good engines. Yes, they are big and bulky, but they provide this tank-like sensation that modern 4x4s do not have.

There are so many more good old cars out there that deserve a second chance, but these are just some examples that we like. Like we said before, chip in with your selection and share your thoughts. If money is not a constraint, your options are quite limitless. 

Adam Aubrey

Adam Aubrey

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Wants to live the simple life, especially when it comes to cars and bikes. That's what tech is for he reckons, to make motoring simpler

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