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Pennzoil Bids Farewell to the Dodge Viper with Insane Video

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Pennzoil Bids Farewell to the Dodge Viper with Insane Video

In case you haven’t heard, the iconic Dodge Viper’s production has been ceased.  

To the shock of muscle car fans all over the world, the company announced earlier this year that the car had effectively “run out of good reasons to live” after close to three decades of production.

All set to be succeeded by the Dodge Demon which made its debut recently, the Viper was made popular in many parts of the world by the 90s TV show titled “Viper” (duh) where the car can change colour and do all sorts of cool stuff like help its owner kick some bad guys’ butts. 

So, in order to pay its tribute to the iconic Viper and to make sure that the car leaves with a bang and remains immortal, Dodge’s longtime partner Pennzoil teamed up with renowned American creative agency JWT Atlanta and stunt driver Rhys Millen to come up with a farewell-cum-promo video so epic that it makes Ken Block’s Gymkhana series look like child’s play.

What happens in the video is that a Dodge Viper ACR, which just happens to be the last Viper out there, gets stolen. A mysterious “driver for hire” then finds it, drives the piss out of it, and returns it in a very cool manner.

In case you’re wondering how powerful this thing is, the ACR Viper is powered by an 8.4-litre V10 engine which kicks out 645hp and 813Nm of torque. Here’s the best part – it’s a manual.

As simple as the plot may sound, the video, which is said to have almost no CGI as far as the driving is concerned, sees Millen pulling J-turns, powerslides, drifts, and even clocking some airtime in the Viper.  

That being said, let us observe a moment of silence and join Pennzoil in saying goodbye to the Viper; one of the most iconic muscle cars of our time. 

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