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Perodua D38L SUV To Debut At KLIMS 2018 – Below RM80k, Reskinned Indonesian Terios

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Perodua D38L SUV To Debut At KLIMS 2018 – Below RM80k, Reskinned Indonesian Terios

Perodua’s follow-up to the short-lived Nautica is set to make its debut at the upcoming Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) in November.

Sources familiar with the matter have indicated that unlike the Nautica, Perodua’s latest SUV (codenamed D38L) will be a seven-seater and contrary to earlier reports, will not be based on any of the Daihatsu concepts shown at last year’s Jakarta Motor Show – namely the five-seater Daihatsu DN Trec Concept and the six-seater DN Multisix Concept.

Instead, Perodua’s all-new SUV will be based on the existing Daihatsu Terios that’s already on sale in Indonesia, but with minor changes to the body panels, bumpers, grille and exterior lights to feature with Perodua’s own unique styling.

As a seven-seater SUV, the model will be aimed at the Honda BR-V, which currently sells for between RM 78,167 (1.5E) and RM 84,591 (1.5V). Prices quoted are excluding insurance, GST and SST.

While Perodua has yet to finalize the details on the SUV’s pricing, we are quite certain that it will not breach the circa RM 80,000 floor price set by the entry variant Honda BR-V.

In addition to that, Perodua’s President and CEO Datuk Dr. Aminar Rashid Salleh has, in the past, alluded that the all-new SUV will be priced higher than RM 60,000, adding that the challenge for his team is now to move Perodua away from being seen as merely a maker of budget cars, but instead as a brand that offers a superior total package – good customer care, excellent reliability and value for money.

Unlike the previous Japan-made Perodua Nautica (a rebadged five-seater Japanese market Daihatsu Terios), Perodua’s upcoming SUV will be manufactured at the company’s plant in Rawang. The Indonesian market seven-seater Daihatsu Terios (also sold as the Toyota Rush) is manufactured at the Astra Daihatsu Motor plant in Sunter, located in the outskirts of Jakarta. The plant also supplies the Terios to Toyota under contract, who then sells the model under the Toyota Rush nameplate.

The Indonesian-market Terios/Rush is powered by an iron-block 2NR-VE 1.5-litre Dual VVT-i engine that’s also shared with the Perodua Myvi. Despite the similar capacity and NR family code, this engine is different from the aluminum block 1.5-litre Dual VVT-i used by the Toyota Vios. Drive is transferred to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual or a four-speed torque converter automatic. There are no four- or all-wheel drive option.

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