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Perodua Myvi D20N Now With Auto Braking

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Perodua Myvi D20N Now With Auto Braking

The upcoming Perodua Myvi D20N will be setting new standards for safety features by becoming the first local car to be come with advanced driver assistance systems or Advance Safety Assist (A.S.A.) in Perodua-speak.

The A.S.A. suite, adapted from Toyota, includes pre-collision warning and autonomous emergency braking that is able to bring the car to a complete stop from 30 km/h, thus averting or at the very least mitigating impact in lapses of concentration.

There are a couple of catches in the system’s operating parameters, however, and first of them is that it is only functional when the steering is pointed straight. Secondly, the system deactivates if it is called upon more than three times, requiring the car to be restarted to reinstate its operation.

Tied into the system is pedal misoperation control, which retards throttle inputs if it senses that you are too close to the vehicle ahead.

Lastly, a unique Front Departure Alert feature warns the driver in standstill traffic that the car in front has moved. A must-have for folks who like to play with their phones or other distractions in stop-go traffic or at the traffic lights.

The A.S.A. package is offered only in the range-topping 1.5 AV version of the Myvi. Overall, the new Myvi D20N will come with a significantly upgraded safety over its predecessor; all variants come standard with electronic stability control and a minimum of four airbags, whilst 1.5-litre variants get six airbags.

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